Google Disavow Recover from the Penguin Penalty.

Have you been hit with the Penguin Penalty from Google?

How do you know if you have simple?

Your rankings have dropped dramatically?

Need to submit a Google disavow file?

You may have received a message from google in your webmasters tools. similar to this:

google penguin

Don’t worry we can help.

We will recover your site from this penalty in these simple steps.

  • Analyse your backlinks
  • add these backlinks to a “disavow” file to send to Google.
  • We send you this disavow file , you upload it to google webmasters tools .
  • Done! 

All we need is your backlinks report from google webmasters tools.

(see below instructions on how to do this)

  • Step #1: Go to your Backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools

    • Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
    • Under Site Traffic click on the Links to Your Site page click on More under “Who links the most”.


Step #2: Download your Latest Links

  • At the top of the Links to Your Site > more page select the Download latest links.
  • Save your Latest Links as a csv to your computer.
  • send us this file.
  • We analyse and create the disavow file.